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Quietum Plus™ Supplement 

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  • Fight Ear Ringing And  Relief from Tinnitus
  • Support Good Ear Health
  • Reduce The Risk Of Herring Loss

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What is Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus is a dietary supplement for those who suffer from tinnitus and its symptoms. Ear buzz, screeching, dreadful noise that keeps people awake at night. All of that and more is what an average person with tinnitus faces every day. And Quietum Plus is a natural formula designed to help with that.

The man who created Quietum Plus is Patrick Bark, an anatomy professor who suffered from tinnitus as well. He used his connections to find in-depth new research and come up with a solution for himself and for thousands of men and women across the United States.

How Does Quietum Plus Work?

Quietum Plus directly impacts the central nervous system. The natural blend intensifies comprehensive skills and allows the user to hear better. With the help of vitamins and herbs used in the formula, regular consumption can provide long-lasting relief. Particularly in individuals trying to fight off a future hearing condition.

The nourishment targets your auditory condition and repairs the bond between the ears and the brain cells. As a result, the formula is capable of repairing damage and avoiding possible ear diseases. The GMO-free formula makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is afraid of possible hearing issues. The supplement additionally:
Relief from all hearing issues.

Quietum Plus contains ingredients that calm the body and the nervous system to help the ingredients absorb faster and start working towards defeating tinnitus.

Quietum Plus supports your body’s ability to send the sound signals from the ears to the brain, helping to avoid most of the malfunctions in the transition phase.

Tinnitus can do a lot of damage to the nerve cells, damaging connections. Quietum Plus supports the body’s ability to nourish and regenerate these cells to get back what was lost.

The final touch is to help the body by supporting brain cell regeneration, strengthening neural connections, and promoting mental health.

Quietum Plus Ingredients

Dong Quai

Commonly referred to as the women’s ginger can decrease high blood pressure as well as boost blood circulation. This plant matter is particularly effective versus individuals that are at an enhanced threat of stroke


Used  to boost psychological features such as alertness, focus, as well as focus. What it does is that it creates chemicals that help nerve cells interact– an ideal ingredient for Quietum Plus


Used for centuries in North America for its calming properties. Also supports the auditory nerves and the connections between ears and brain.


lowers inflammation, boosts blood sugar control, as well as most significantly, improves mind wellness– a crucial component for Quietum Plus.


Used mainly for cardiovascular troubles such as heart conditions and also uneven heart rhythm. It can likewise be utilized by females who have problems with their menstrual cycle


Exceptional source of vitamins, consists of hefty amounts of iodine as well as calcium.t is also packed with antioxidants, which is why it becomes part of the Quietum Plus package in its entirety!


Decrease blood glucose degrees, boost sex drive, rise bust milk in mommies, minimize inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, as well as preserve high cravings degrees


Enhance blood flow and also increase antioxidant levels in our bodies. It generally does this by dilating the capillary, which aids the capillary obtain their much-needed blood flow to move it to the various parts of the body, including the brain.


The fruits of a cramping woody wind in North America are partridgeberries. It is reportedly anti-inflammatory.

Where To Buy Quietum Plus?

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Quietum Plus Label

quietum plus ingredients

Where is Quietum Plus Made?

uietum Plus is made in an authorized GMP-certified manufacturing plant in the United States of America.

Quietum Plus is made in the USA, however, that is pretty much all that we know. 

What are The Benefits of  Quietum Plus ?

  • Improves Ear Health and Provides Relief from Tinnitus 
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Improves Immunity and Overall Health
  • Improves Blood Flow and Energy Levels
  • Emotional Well-Being and Overall Well-Being

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can use ProMind Complex Supplement for a whole 60 days and use your right to ask for a refund anytime during this period. If you’re unsatisfied with the results in any way, let us know and claim your money back!

Why Choose Quietum Plus Supplement?

Made In The USA

Each batch is manufactured in a US-based facility.

Quality Tested

Each batch is tested to ensure that the label corresponds with what’s inside the bottle.

FREE Shipping

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Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.


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